• Michelle Pitman

See the person

Through Christ we have access to the throne of grace where we find mercy. We so want that grace and mercy for ourselves but do our lives reflect that same standard for others? It’s troubling to me that we want to apply the Gospel to our lives but we somehow forget that Jesus died for everyone’s sin.

The Holy Spirit so beautifully reminded me the other day to “see the person, not the circumstance”. Jesus always sees the person, not the circumstance yet I fear that we have a tendency to see the person through the circumstance.

A judgmental spirit is an injustice I am passionate to crush in my own life. I only want to see people through the perspective of who they are in Christ regardless of whether or not they are walking in it. We are not defined by our choices & our past does not define our future. We must allow others, and ourselves, to live in the freedom Christ died to give us.



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